If you're a web person, and you use Google Analytics, you probably take advantage of a mode called "overlay", where you can visually see by percentage which links on your site are being clicked by percentage. It's probably the most useful thing, but there's 1 small annoyance I came across and that is the bar that google thinks they've cleverly positioned on your page at the top of the window sometimes covers up stuff you need to see. In my case, it covers the entire navigation bar, which I really need to see!

So, I was looking around in the google settings on that bar position: nothing. Then I did a little searching and some folks have the same problem but no solutions. So, I opened up my web tools and got work. The problem happens if your site has a navbar positioned "absolute" to the top, because google inserts a spacer at the top of about 50 pixels to scoot your content down and out of the way of the 50px bar they fix position at the top. If your navigation bar is absolutely positioned, it's going to end up behind the analytics bar (see illustration, then solution below)

Here's what I had to do to move the bar to the bottom of the page and how it works.

1) The google analytics javascript you embed in all your pages adds a few DOM objects on the page when you're in overlay mode, the ones you care about are 2 DIVs: ga_control and ga_control_spacer.

2) You want to get rid of the spacer, it just shifts everything down (but only static and relatively positioned content, doh!) and then override all the inline styles that it sets via the javascript for the bar. To do that, we use the !important CSS tag. So first we set ga_control_spacer to "display: none;", easy.

3) We want to move the bar, which is contained in ga_contol, so we override the top offset and set it to auto, set the bottom offset to zero, and then I put a 1 pixel top border so on the bottom you can tell where that bar ends and your page begins in case you have a white background page.

Putting it all together, if you add this CSS site-wide you'll have your analytics bar on the bottom! It worked in both IE and Firefox for me. Hope this saves someone else the time it took me to figure out.

    bottom: 0px !important;
    height: 50px !important;
    overflow: hidden !important;
    top: auto !important;
    border-top: solid 1px #c0c0c0;
    position: fixed;
    margin-bottom: 0px !important;
    display: none !important;