Well I'm fine, but a lot of people in San Diego are not. This is crazy, very reminiscent of the '03 fires that closed UCSD for days. My work (Taylor) is closed today and I'm working from home, so that's alright. We may be closed again tomorrow, I'm supposed to call in and check the company status.

Jesica and I are going to keep an ear to the news and if they need volunteers tonight we might go over to Qualcomm stadium and help out. They're asking people to stay off the highways and the phone lines for now, so we'll just do that.

My thoughts and prayers are with my co-workers who live in Escondido and Ramona who have already evacuated. For a minute-by-minute updated map you can check out this map.

Update: (6:45pm) -- Jesica and I investigated volunteering for the Red Cross but they currently do not have any openings for people with no current red cross volunteer statuses. They are doing trainings to become certified which doesn't help us as we only have our immediate time to give.

On a positive note, the air quality in Hillcrest / North Park is quite good, we must be in some kind of pocket as we can see smoke clouds in every direction but above we can see clear skies and stars. My work is also closed tomorrow, so I guess it's another day of working from home which isn't bad at all.

Update: (10:35pm) -- Ben's area is being evacuated, possibly voluntary but he says all of his neighbors in Mira Mesa are packing up and the news has said that reverse 911 calls are being made to Mira Mesa residents. He'll be spending the night over here. We're watching the maps / news but we're probably in the best place to be in San Diego. The air quality is still very good, although extremely dry. I'll keep you all posted.

Update:(10:50am) -- The fires continue in San Diego but we are still very far away from it. I'm again working from home and Ben and Jesica went over to Qualcomm stadium to see if there is anything they can help out with since both of their works have closed up for the day. The latest numbers I've heard are that 375,000 homes have been evacuated across the county.